What do YOU think?

As I was walking this morning and meditating, quieting my mind and opening my mind to  guidance from my creator, I heard the Spirit ask me this question,

“What did you read today?”

The first thing I thought of was this verse in Psalm 119 about freedom:

“I will walk in freedom,
for I have devoted myself to your commandments.” – v. 45 (NLT)

Freedom. What a powerful word.

I began to realize how most of our cliches, proverbs and metaphors that have to with freedom associate freedom with flying.

Think about it. What’s something you’d really love to do? Something you dream about?

I’d love to be able to fly. I dream about flying. Oh, that I could be like a free bird and fly away; free as an eagle when she flies.

What’s the opposite of flying? Being weighed down.

Nobody wants to be weighed down. Whatever weighs you down keeps you from flying.


As I walked on I began to consider a question about what I am like at my core. I’ve been wrestling with this question: At my core, am I perfect, or am I sinful? As I walked on, I asked God, and then I listened. Then I heard the strangest thing. I heard God ask me,

“What do YOU think?”

At first I felt honored that God wanted to know what I thought. Some things went through my mind, but I didn’t answer right away. Then it occurred to me that the question was the answer!

What do I think? That’s where the answer lies. If I think I am perfect, then I will act accordingly. If I think I am rotten to the core, then I will act accordingly.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.”

What a privilege it is that God created each of us with our own brain, our own mind to think with.

What an incredible freedom it is to be able to think, and to think for yourself.

Fly On Free Bird!


About stevepederson

I am a speaker, author, musician, coach, teacher and web designer. I love nature, photography, exercise and combining these elements when I can.
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