Is there truth outside the Bible?

I guess one thing I’m realizing is that I have a hard time accepting something as true if it’s not written in the Bible.

You’ve probably heard the saying “The Lord helps those who help themselves”. I’ve heard that too. What I’ve also heard, just about every time I hear that, is how it is not true, because it’s not in the Bible. Maybe the criticism is more that it’s a sign that people just don’t know their Bibles, because folks often quote it as Biblical truth, when, in fact, it is actually not in the Bible.

My question, though, is does it have to be in the Bible to be true?

I love my wife, but you don’t see that written in the Bible. Does that mean it’s not true?

Have you ever struggled with these types of thoughts? Do you feel like something is only trustworthy if it comes from the Bible?

Let’s think spiritually. What are your thoughts?


About stevepederson

I am a speaker, author, musician, coach, teacher and web designer. I love nature, photography, exercise and combining these elements when I can.
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